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Fuck Ton/ DubKnowDub “Explosion” Tape

January 24, 2011
FuckTon/DubKnowDub Tape

Limited edition tapes are also available. Email me if you want to buy one.

A few weeks back, Fuck Ton recorded our first official recording for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. The resulting madness was to become half of the “Explosion” split with DubKnowDub and released on a limited number of cassette tapes. We wrote, recorded, and mixed the entire album over the span of a few hours.

I’d highly recommend buying the hand-printed tape if you live in or around New York, because it looks freakin awesome. Eli from DubKnowDub did all of the artwork. If you’re not from around here, don’t own a cassette player, or are poorer than we are, you can download the FuckTon songs at the link below:

Fuck Ton – Explosion

If you want to purchase a copy of the tape, just email me and I’ll arrange to send one out to you.