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May/June Projects: DBA Renovations

July 3, 2011

I know, I know, I’m combining months for this post. In all honesty, it’s been a busy summer and we’ve had a few people moving in and out, so I grouped my May/June project into one big Death By Audio house renovation. Mostly, two rooms in our house were completely renovated in the past two months. We’ll start with the new movie room. Before May, this room was an art studio for the past year. Here is the last photo we have of the unfinished space:

Thanks to Materials for the Arts, we were able to bring in a new couch, a rug, and a new projector to turn this room back into a home theater, like it was in 2009.

Of course, that was the easy room. We simultaneously decided to tackle the Death By Audio bathroom, which had been plagued by yellowing brick, mildew, and a floor made up of broken shards of tile and cement rubble. Unfortunately (probably for the better), I don’t have any “before” pictures for the bathroom before we started.

The first thing we did was reroute the lighting. We ran extension cords through the ceiling and dropped lights through the drop ceiling. This way, all of the lights were controlled by a master switch, rather than being permanently turned on. Then, we broke up what remained of the tile, swept the floor and the shower, and poured 5 bags of concrete. Sure, there was a mishap in the shower and we had to call in a plumber to change out a pipe or two, but after sealing everything, it looks pretty good.

After the concrete set, we started painting. The shower and walls were painted a battleship grey, and the floor was painted green. We also threw a sheet of plywood over the exposed pipes so everything looked a bit cleaner. A few bathmats here and there, and it’s almost like we’re living in a condo:

Now that everyone is settling in, it’s time for me to get back to some audio and visual stuff. Tomorrow, Fuck Ton plays at Shea Stadium for the Fourth of July, and I’ll have my live video display to show off. Come check it out!