Interactive Telecommunications Program

When I started Kleeb Versus the World back in 2008, I was unsure what the content would be about. It started as a stream-of-consciousness blog, writing about new experiences and encounters as a new resident of New York City. I wrote about gentrification, my first Bent Festival, the 3rd Ward , and my initial reaction to Death By Audio.

After almost three years of exploration, self-expression, and almost too much free time, I’m heading back to school for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (referred to as ITP from here on out).

I applied to ITP in December, 2010 while on the road to Art Basel in Miami. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t mostly on a whim. I knew I wanted to get back to school, and I knew what I wanted to learn this time around. I was teaching myself things like Arduino, Processing, and Ableton Live, but I still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with all of this.

When I finally found out I was accepted, I realized it was time to really start making things happen, and that’s when I came up with the Kleebtronics: 12 Months 12 Projects idea. This has been haphazardly documented on this blog, but it really helped me to get into the rhythm of making things and documenting the process.

Since school is underway, I’m not sure about the last few months. Kleebtronics is now incorporated, and a website will soon follow, but this blog will be mostly dedicated to my work at ITP. There will be some awesome stuff, and probably some not-so-awesome stuff, but I guarantee posting will be much more frequent. My initial classes involve programming (using Processing), Physical Computing (Arduino), Audio/Video, web design, and animation. I’m going to try to label and document everything better than I have in the past, but this blog will undergo some major changes in the near future.

As one of my classmates said today, it’s time to fall down the technological rabbit hole and see what happens when I emerge in two years. I’m excited, anxious, and ready for anything.


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  1. Colombo Says:

    +1 to the last paragraph.

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