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Kleebtronics July: Bass Drum Wine Rack

August 10, 2011

July and August have been quite busy, as I’ve been multi-tasking getting ready for the Fuck Ton tour in two weeks. While my July project may be a tad late, my August project will be done by tomorrow, complete with videos. For July, I re-purposed an old bass drum and turned it into a wine rack. I figured it was time to stop stowing wine under my bed and make something to hold not only the bottles, but the glasses as well. This may have been partly sparked by a half dozen broken wine glasses last year.

First, here is the drum sans head when I started. This was taken from an old Pearl Export that has been sitting abandoned at DBA for a few years (if anyone needs a floor tom or rack tom, get at me).

In the end, we ended up with twelve slots for bottles. I would hope that will be enough, but hey you never know.

I ended up lining the top shelf with some black fabric and used an old rim and batter head as a door:

Yes, those are blue LEDs lining the inside. I wired them to a 9V battery and switch built into the top:

To keep the drum closed, I had to install a latch on the opposite side:

And that was it! The circular shape definitely presented a challenge, but this was a pretty easy and straightforward project. I also have to say, after a weekend at the Fly Creek Cider Mill and the Ommegang Brewery, we managed to fill the entire drum and have a few bottles to spare!

At least now that this blog is finished, we can finally start drinking it again.

Coming soon – Project August!


Steampunk Workshop

February 19, 2010

A glass of wine spilled on my Macbook put me out of commission for about two weeks, and cost me about $300 plus the price of the wine. Now that I’m back in action, I’ll post the website I was checking out before I lost access to cyberspace:

Steampunk Victorian PC

The Steampunk Victorian All-In-One PC

This Victorian-style computer is one of many projects featured on the Steampunk Workshop, a project-oriented DIY website with a style that is a bit reminiscent of that movie Wild Wild West with Will Smith (remember that huge steam-powered spider?)

There’s some great stuff on there, from lamps to guitars to telegraphs. I may even try my own keyboard out of an old typewriter shell. Anyone looking to get rid of an old typewriter?